Given the speed and scale of the human rights crisis in Afghanistan, the UK’s offer to resettle up to 20,000 vulnerable Afghans in the “coming years” risks being too little too late.

Amnesty International argues teachers, journalists, women human rights defenders and those who’ve worked with the UK are among thousands at immediate risk under the Taliban. Amnesty recently reported on how Taliban fighters murdered nine ethnic Hazara men in grisly killings.

The UK now needs to act with urgency and real generosity.

We strongly support the proposed resettlement scheme to come and, the ongoing evacuation and relocation should be made eligible for at-risk Afghans trapped in the country, as well as family members, not just current or former UK employed staff.

Afghans who arrive in the UK independently should receive protection, including those who are already here, and the Home Office should drop plans to criminalise them.

It should also look urgently to extend family reunion visas to enable the UK’s Afghan community to provide sanctuary.

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