Is there a new scam which is being perpetrated on an unwitting, innocent Island populace?

I have come to the ineluctable conclusion that significant numbers of Islanders — not principally visitors — are being sold goods (made of metal or glass or plastic, in the main) under false pretences.

The good folk of the Island are clearly purchasing significant numbers of receptacles which they firmly believe to be ‘homing cans’ or ‘self-destruct bottles’.

What else can explain the increasing numbers of these receptacles which I see, not “thrown away” but carefully placed at street corners or on walls, in order that they can use the fabulous new technology which will allow them to find their own way to then into a bin?

I can reveal to those duped citizens that the bottles, tins etc. are definitely not capable either of locating the nearest bin or of launching themselves into a bin, no matter how close they are to one.

Until such self-binning technology be perfected, I urge those purchasers to cut out the middle man and instead, themselves, help the bottle, tin etc. into a bin on the street — or even, in extremis, at home.