I’m am writing to bring awareness to the effects of harmful fishing practices, raising awareness in the hope of getting IW MP, Bob Seely, to take action.

I am an Island resident, an Earth scientist and oceanographer, and am currently training in the education sector.

It is crucial for sustainable food stocks, environmental protection and real economic growth that we protect our oceans and sea resources, and harmful fishing practices (particularly those in protected areas) are called out and challenged in parliament.

One example recently was a trawler catching vast amounts in a Marine Protected Area.

The Island is one place where tourism and fishing industry could be a large part of economy, and both of these require protection of our coasts and seas.

This should also be seen as part of a wider picture to transition to sustainable, green development, rather than economic stagnation, which would be hugely beneficial for local people that have unfairly been hit so hard in the last 50 years.

I therefore suggest local MPs listen to these issues and challenge the government to do the right thing, rather than talk about it and wait for issue to go away on their own.