Why all the need for spin and hypocrisy, can’t the British people simply acknowledge the pragmatic approach our government has taken, and continues to take, throughout the pandemic?

The vulnerability of our elderly in care homes was foreseen way back in 2016 with exercise Cygnus, along with the need to secure robust supply lines for PPE.

Our government simply chose a different path, one which sacrificed our elderly to relieve pressure on the NHS.

As for the health and well-being of low paid, largely immigrant, care workers, they were seen as replaceable collateral damage, and a convenient group to blame for rising care home infections.

To quell any discontent, the narrative of throwing a protective arm around care homes was hurriedly spun, which the majority of the public either believe, or don’t really care about one way or another.

But the gaming doesn’t stop there. The British Medical Journal (BMJ) recently reported an estimated 4.7 million people are awaiting NHS treatment.

We are also told the NHS is grossly under-staffed and desperately needs more doctors and nurses; yet universities are offering medical students £10,000 not to take up their courses places, and defer for a year. So, what on earth is going on?

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The answer is simple. NHS waiting lists for treatment are merely a transitory problem that will self-right itself with time.

The longer people wait for treatment, the more people will die while waiting for treatment before receiving it.

The problem of excessive NHS waiting lists will diminish long before those training to become doctors and nurses ever graduate from university.

As time progresses, ministers will no doubt bask in the glory of waiting lists coming down, with the expectation a grateful public will re-elect them.

It makes one proud to be British, and having voted Conservative.

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