I wonder how many people saw Panorama on August 9? It was fascinating!

It showed Lex Greensill drawing 40 million dollars from his bank just prior to it going bust, with many millions more going into a family trust. This, at a time when his investors were losing billions of dollars.

His bank was shown to be run on very flimsy ethical grounds, ie, potentially illegal. He employed David Cameron on a salary of $1m a year for a part time job.

Mr Cameron states that he did not know that Mr Greensill was running a dodgy operation and that he lobbied parliament in good faith.

If you or I had been offered $1m per annum for a part time job, would we not have automatically thought that something was very amiss and that we may be asked to 'skate on thin ice'?

Due to Mr Cameron's lobbying the British Government may now have to pay £320m in loan guarantees.

This is a classic case of capitalism being exploited, when the profits are privatised and the losses are nationalised.

An interesting question would also be, where has Mr Cameron deposited this money? Is it offshore? He was so scathing about people who did that when the Panama scandal broke when he was Prime Minister.

Also, he would be morally obliged to reimburse the Government the £320m out of his $10m estimated gains from Greensill.

That would go a little way to properly fund social care and the NHS, which is what is required for us UK citizens to live decent and healthy lives.

Surely we should expect more from our ex-Prime Ministers!

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