We can all remember when the pandemic hit, and we were all told to stay at home, and there were only a very few cars on the road, how much cleaner the air felt, and how nature suddenly seemed much more vibrant.

Now we are back to normal again. ‘Normal’ of course means the continuing pollution of the planet fuelled by the greed of all of us in the most developed countries.

Having very conspicuously raped the rain forest, we are now about to do the same, conveniently out of sight, with our oceans, oceans we’ve already polluted with plastic.

All the major industrialised nations are investing heavily in, and engaged with, deep sea mining, searching for and extracting the necessary minerals to manufacture the millions and millions of lithium batteries that will be required to power electric cars.

Will COP 26 save us? Will the likes of Boris Johnson save us? Will the political party of greed save us? Or will it simply be COPOUT 26?

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