As a recent visitor to Isle of Wight, I had the misfortune to encounter the totally useless PaybyPhone parking system.

The issues I encountered were:

1 Most of payment machines not operable to take coins.

2 Having to use the telephone option I then received penalty notice on July 17.

3 Contacted PaybyPhone who confirmed, giving reference numbers, that I had paid.

4 Tried unsucessfully to contact IW Council but they do not answer phones.

5 Used PaybyPhone again on July 19 as payment machine not working. Received another ticket.

6 Contacted PaybyPhone again, given another confirmation of payment number.

7. Having to use online appeal process as no response by IW Council phone again, had first ticket cancelled, but second ticket to be charged, stating registration number on account wrong. Having owned this distinctive car for a while and managing to get to IW using Red Funnel ANPR system and checking with PaybyPhone, IW Council still say number plate is different to that on system, and very curt notification from IW Council cannot be appealed.

Someone on the IW Council, who has some responsibilty for parking, needs to get their act together, or at least talk to people.

IW council online rating...2 out of 10.