Much as I admire Southern Vectis and especially all their tremendous drivers, I feel their new onboard announcement regarding Covid, that all their buses are safe is somewhat wide of the mark.

I freely admit, that when they leave the depot their buses have gone through a rigorous cleaning routine, for which I am very grateful, but as soon as passengers get on board it is quite another matter.

How on earth is it possible to feel or be safe on board, with regards to Covid, when there is a passenger in front of you with a mask round his chin picking his nose, another behind you wearing no mask at all and coughing, and another next to you stuffing in a burger?

None of these passengers, thanks to our beloved and matey and caring Prime Minister's relaxing of the rules, is now in any way breaking the law but I do not believe I, or any of my fellows on board, are in any way safe and consequently fear a rise in cases, much as happened at Christmas.

Travelling on Southern Vectis buses is especially scary for all those with underlying health conditions, some of whom, if they wish to get to work, have no other transport choice.

Also, we have visitors from all over, potentially bringing in new variants, which may be vaccine-resistant.

I wonder therefore, if it would be possible please, as is happening in London and Wales, to still make it mandatory to wear face-coverings at all times on Southern Vectis buses?

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