Were the Isle of Wight Council seriously considering the future of our planet by giving planning consent for Westridge Farm to become a housing estate?

An opportunity missed!

Shouldn't we all be thinking more seriously about the environment?

Maintaining green space land should be a priority.

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Instead, now there will be concrete bases for housing, road surfaces, plumbing, electricity etc.

Farmland is valuable — earth, crops, undisturbed areas for birds, animals and insects, particularly bees.

Crops could be grown and distributed locally instead of challenging the environment by transporting them across the whole country, and in some cases, across the world.

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Given that the town and village environments are altering, and with Covid changing attitudes to workplace space, shouldn't we consider planning changes to existing buildings rather than building new ones.

The youngster Archie Holliday who campaigned in this newspaper and online for Westridge to remain farmland, would have grown up learning about the land he lived on, and probably farming all his life, and caring for the environment.

The health of the planet is more important than house sales.

His generation should be listened to.