I attended a tour of All Saints in Freshwater five days after it had closed for ever.

Firstly, I would like to thank those who made it possible for us to visit, it was very much appreciated.

I went to the school from 1965 to 1971, and had never been back inside the buildings since then.

The process of removal and destruction has already begun, leaving an empty shell for us to view, whilst trying to retrace our childhood footsteps.

Some rooms were instantly recognisable, but others had been altered and new structures added over the years.

We couldn't help wondering what the long term prospects for the school grounds were, although it doesn't take much imagination.

A wonderful field, scene of many happy hours making daisy chains, with the mysteries of Long Halves Lane behind it, and the stream running at the bottom?

How many executive style houses are going to be stuffed in there in the fullness of time?

They will join on nicely with the others planned for Longhalves Lane, no doubt.

We left the tour feeling sad, such a lot of history vanishing forever, thrown in the skip to be dumped. Who will remember, when we have gone, Mrs Hampton's recorder classes, sports days on the field, May Day celebrations, playing 'It', and all those tiny moments of childhood?

It will be just another housing estate, nowhere for children to play and lost forever.

I doubt if the new school will last for 170 years.

I appreciate that there are people mourning the eventual loss of another primary school in the West Wight, but from all of us who spent six years taking our first steps into independent life there: RIP All Saints.