Despite its apparent commitment to encouraging the creation of beautiful places, and at a time when local mental health services are in crisis due to underfunding, the government, through its Department for Transport, looks set to provide millions of pounds for a "regeneration" scheme that will not only cause great damage to Ryde's historic seafront on the Isle of Wight, including a Conservation Area and many listed buildings, but which may also see more danger to pedestrians and an increase in vehicular congestion and pollution.

Despite there being no visualisations of the proposed "improvements", and without any consultation on options for achieving a new transport interchange, local councillors are being forced to promote a very poor proposal because, they say, of funding constraints.

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Yet the architecture of the adjoining station replacement that forms part of the overall Ryde Transport Interchange scheme is unknown, hence no decisions on how the public spaces will look can reasonably be made.

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A campaign has been mounted to seek a delay in progression of the flawed scheme so that alternatives can be considered.

It is understood that a much simpler scheme, and one that addresses objectors' concerns, has already been drafted for discussion.

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