With reference to ferry charges, no one has mentioned Red Funnel and hospital fares.

I had to make four visits to Southampton General Hospital for treatment. I did not choose this, but was told the Island did not have the expertise, and the consultant transferred me to Southampton.

Each daily visit cost me £84 day return for ferry charges, plus car parking charges.

I asked Red Funnel about reductions for medical visits but was told there were none. I said that Wightlink gave a 50 per cent reduction, and was told to “go to Portsmouth and drive to Southampton,” this being after hours of treatment!

The only help available is if I am on certain benefits. I am an OAP. I contacted Ventnor Town Council as they have many charity commitments but they said contact IW Council, MP, etc.

I received no response.

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My husband has had cancer surgery and treatment and I know Wessex Cancer Trust and PALS all help in cancer cases. We have fundraised for them all.

Cannot something similar be set up, or pressure put on Red Funnel?

More and more advanced health services are being transferred from the Island to Southampton.

Editor's footnote: Red Funnel assured the County Press it does operate hospital patient discounts.

It said customers wishing to find out more can contact customerservices@redfunnel.co.uk or visit www.redfunnel.co.uk/en/isle-of-wight-ferry/fares/ferry-passenger-fares-to-southampton/healthcare-travel-scheme/.