From Richard Bruce, Thorley:

Why are unvaccinated people attacked in the media and by politicians?

Do the vaccinated, like your unidentified correspondent, (CP 23-07-21) lack confidence in the vaccines they promote?

Vaccine manufacturers and the World Health Organisation confirm that the “vaccines" neither induce immunity nor prevent virus transmission. Vaccine passports are therefore useless for protection.

Nor do unvaccinated people cause the virus to mutate.

The virus mutates efficiently by itself and is apparently an engineered form of the common cold virus to which we have no immunity and no vaccine, despite decades of effort. There are serious doubts regarding the reliability of both testing systems in determining infectivity.

In truth the unvaccinated are put at serious risk by the vaccinated who wrongly believe they pose no risk to anyone, not even themselves. Already boosters are proposed to counter variants and there are numerous reports of fully vaccinated patients dying in hospital..

Those who, for whatever reason, are unvaccinated are attacked from all quarters.

Consider for a moment those who have been isolated with serious illness and who are unable to tolerate the vaccines. Why are they being attacked in this way?

I know that if I become infected with the virus it will be the end of me and I had to pull out of the Covid survey early last year because Covid symptoms were those I had suffered for nearly 30 years after exposure to illegal chemicals at work.

A small percentage suffer serious symptoms from the virus but an equally small percentage do so from and after the vaccines, which are experimental and genetically engineered.

Coercion is therefore unlawful under the Helsinki Declaration.

No one knows how my immune system would react to the vaccines, but others in a similar situation have failed to survive after vaccination. My doses can be used by countries who need them.