My wife Tessa and I are both Christians and take a very different view to Jim Gibbons (column, CP, 09-07-21).

We would like to ask where does he get his information from when he expresses his somewhat outdated and harsh opinion of who Christians are.

There are several points Mr Gibbons made we would disagree with.

1) Mr Gibbons seems to paint a picture that religion gives the right to adhere to some sort of torture as he wrote “ to someone willing to condemn his creatures to everlasting torture”.

Our response to this is that it this is a very outdated idea. Our God promotes love, reconciliation and healing. It is actually the very reason we offer prayer to anyone who is in need or guidance when there is confusion.

2) Mr Gibbons seems mistaken when he writes “some religions require their disciples to cut off bits of their children as a sign of belonging and that there is a demand for human sacrifices”.

This is something we would definitely not become involved with.

My wife and I support Open Doors, a charity what actually campaigns against persecution across the world where there is torture carried out.

3) Mr Gibbons goes on to say “Most cults insist parents instil their beliefs into their children from birth and dissuade any free investigation of other ways of thinking”.

Again this is something we do not do. We go out of our way to discuss and debate many questions people have when searching for answers. I have been to Wembley Mosque and met Muslims who wanted to hear about Jesus.

So, in conclusion, I think Mr Gibbons is being unfair to us when he expresses his negative views as to why prayers have been stopped and seems to have serious outdated views about religion and what being a Christian means.

Our prayer for him (should he accept it) is that he looks move closely at the positives of Christianity and realises that to pray can actually bring a divine aspect to life rather than a mankind view — which is often selfish and sometimes fuelled by ulterior motives.

In contrast, our prayers will often be for the benefit of others.

The Bible tells us “to love your neighbour as yourself”.

Jesus told us this encompasses the ten commandments (Matthew 22:39).

The world would be a better place if we adhered to would of course, include prayer.