I AM outraged at the council’s decision to change the school term time dates for 2022/23 without any parental consultation.

The decision to remove the two-week break in October will impact many families, some of whom simply won’t be able to afford an annual holiday.

My family, like many others, has benefitted from cheaper holidays in the October half-term break and this year we will be spending four nights at Butlin’s for £313 which I believe is an affordable price for a family of five.

Out of interest, I looked up how much the exact same holiday would cost (same accommodation and length of stay) in the October half term next year and it is a staggering £1,388.

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While some may think this is still a cheap family holiday, compared to travelling abroad for example, I believe, and I’m sure many other parents would agree, that this is a lot of money for a four-night stay in the UK and we certainly won’t be going again next year.

I would urge the council to reconsider their decision ASAP and consult with those most affected — parents!