I have, with interest, looked at the announcements from Cllr Jonathan Bacon about the investment in more staff to ensure the Island stays litter free this summer.

The vast majority of proposals I welcome, but at what cost to the taxpayers once the Welcome Back Fund has been used?

Ultimately the Isle of Wight Council would need to budget for this to continue or will it be another burden for town and parish councils?

The proposal that concerns me is the inspecting of seafront toilets and reporting any issues.

All seafront toilets, apart from the dilapidated toilets in Pier Street, Sandown, and the Spa site in Shanklin have all been handed to town and parish councils, and they maintain them, pay for cleaning and the maintenance.

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So what right have the IW Council got to interfere in assets they have pushed onto town and parish councils to look after, with no financial support?

Many of these toilets also were liable for business rates until it was recently abolished thanks to much lobbying by individuals to central government.

Most of the public toilets were handed to councils in a terrible state of repair, due to lack of investment by the IW Council over a substantial amount of years.

Now with no consultation they wish to inspect town and parish councils' assets (liabilities) with no financial contribution for their upkeep.

Most local councils pay into the environment officer scheme that covers the beach and toilets,

I personally think this part of the Welcome Back Fund could have been spent on extra signage or refurbishing existing public realm areas.