I read Cllr Quigley's letter (CP, 09-07-21) regarding the Isle of Wight ferries and immediately my heart fell.

I assume he is simply too young to remember the disastrous service of the nationalised industries before the 1980s.

At that time these, and particularly the railways, were run for the benefit of the providers not the customers.

I want to see customers at the forefront of any business or service, and that should be very achievable without the detrimental nationalisation of these services.

Personally, I have generally found the service of Wightlink to have been adequate over the last few weeks though I am aware of those who have had problems.

But beyond the recent major outage is the service really that bad? Of more concern I would suggest are the astronomically high prices that visitors have to pay.

Cllr Quigley makes some very reasonable points about the governance of this service and that I think is where most of us would reach common ground, but no, nationalisation is not the answer.

Oh, and Wightlink, please stop blaming sub-standard service on Covid, you have had 18 months to sort that out and been heavily subsidised by the government to do so.