Re the article (CP, 09-07-21), "Carisbrooke children worried about fast cars outside school"

I fully support the campaign for traffic calming measures on Carisbrooke High Street.

Over recent years the volume of traffic has greatly increased and the 30mph limit is just not fit for purpose.

The pavements are often busy with pedestrians, including young children, whilst vehicles drive by just inches away from them. It is only a matter of time before there is a serious accident.

Several months ago I was hit by a car wing mirror which, fortunately, did no lasting damage.

The driver immediately stopped to make sure I was OK and apologised, citing the fact that she had to drive close to the very narrow pavement as a large vehicle was coming towards her.

One easy improvement would be to make speed limit 20mph. Why not implement that straight away? Easily done and it could save lives and/or injuries.

Obviously other traffic-calming measures should also be considered.

This issue needs addressing urgently and delaying action is a pointless risk.