Well done to the smart young pupils of St Thomas of Canterbury Primary School (CP, 09-07-21) for highlighting the perils of using the footpath in Carisbrooke High Street.

This is the most dangerous high street for pedestrians on the Island but sadly made very much worse by the ridiculous traffic lights at St Mary's.

Hundreds of cars travelling from the West Wight, myself included, wanting to go to Newport, now turn right to go through Gunville causing havoc and greater danger in Carisbrooke High Street and beyond.

The tailback from the St Mary's traffic lights is often not just at peak times and stretches back beyond the garden centre coming from the west.

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It regularly takes 25 minutes to access the St Mary's junction.

When you get within three cars from the lights just when you think you have made it a pedestrian activates the crossing lights which lasts exactly the same time as the traffic lights so no one gets through — a severe design fault at this ridiculous waste of money.

Yes traffic flows quicker from Cowes but the effect to other routes is so severe it piles pressure on Carisbrooke — sadly an accident waiting to happen.

Another own goal by road planners but this time putting lives at great risk using the narrow pavement available on one side only.

Well done children for bringing this to light. Shame on everyone involved in spending millions on installing lights to stop traffic when a roundabout kept it moving.