I write to respond to Godshill Parish Council’s proposal for a disability park at Central Mead (CP, 25-06-21).

I object profusely to this proposal.

Firstly, the village already has a playground located at Newport Road, which is currently used by local children.

While I appreciate there may be a longer term need for an adapted playground for disabled children, is this a good use of village money when we are crying out for a community centre and have been for many years?

I presume this proposal is being funded from the sale of the village hall?

If so, this proposal should have been presented to the local community at its inception by inviting them to a meeting outlining the plans and cost implications giving them chance to vote on the proposal.

The main priority is a community centre which has access to all — able bodied and disabled.

This building would be secure and of much more long term use to the community.


UPDATE: Letter in response, from Alison Child, chairman of Godshill Parish Council, and Gareth Hughes, clerk to Godshill Parish Council:

Godshill Parish Council would like to correct misleading and inaccurate information as contained in a letter from Mr Derek Wood as published on the letters page of the County Press Edition dated 2nd July, as follows –

1. The proposed Childrens Playground at Central Mead in Godshill is being totally financed from local fund raising activity and grant funding from a Lottery application.

2. The proceeds of the sale of the former Village Hall are held by the Village Hall Charity and are earmarked for the provision of a replacement Community Hall facility, which is a Charity Commission requirement.

We are most disappointed in the inaccurate information provided by Mr Wood, which has

caused some anxiety and upset to those hard working volunteers who have given so much time and effort in raising monies on behalf of the Godshill Childrens & Young Peoples Charity,who are the providers of the proposed playground.