I fully endorse your expose, of the damage being caused by roadworks at East Cowes (CP, 25-06-21)

I had occasion to visit Waitrose last week. I was absolutely aghast at what I saw.

The route used to divert laden lorries off the ferries was totally unsuitable for big and heavy vehicles. Surely the highway engineers should have known the depth of covering materials used to protect water mains on these roads is not adequate for the weight .

On speaking to staff at Waitrose, they confirmed that the store's business had been adversely affected.

One lady who lives in East Cowes said that this was the second water main to burst since the roadworks started.

I also I managed to go by the main route to the car ferry which is open to residents only. I noticed all the equipment needed to repair the road was laid up . Why has it taken so long? Why has it not been finished.

There is a similar problem in Newport. The roadworks there have been going on for months. In fact, roadworks seem to be popping up all over the Island.

This is adding to the bewilderment of the holiday visitors who are starting to visit us in hundreds .

Please, Island Roads get your act together.