I'm writing to express my concerns regarding the proposed location at Lake Hill for the Beryl e-scooter bay.

Although we'd be able to see this from our flat, this is not my main concern.

My main issue is the junction that joins Lake Hill on the bend.

It's difficult at the best of times to pull out from this junction, in both directions, but mainly if you turn right towards Sandown Road.

I'm worried that if the e-scooters are positioned in the proposed location that it will cause unnecessary obstructions and distractions to drivers when users are gathered, in usually small groups, trying to download the app and use the scooters.

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It's also an extremely busy road and having them positioned right by the main road is not safe, especially as traffic regularly builds up at certain points of the day due to the pedestrian crossing, bus stops, junctions, and traffic lights.

In the other example on Beryl's letter the e-scooters are clearly positioned away from the road next to a wall which would be much safer for the public and those using the e-scooters.

A better position in my opinion would be next to the bicycle railings and benches on the other side of the junction near the public toilet.

The path is much wider so everyone using the path will have more space.

Also, the scooters and users will not be in anyone's way, nor will they cause obstruction or distraction if located here. There is also a loading bay which would also be useful for Beryl staff to access the scooter bay when required.

I hope my comments help you finalise a safe location for the e-scooters to be launched in Lake.

Isle of Wight County Press: Beryl Scooters, Lake Hill