I RECENTLY visited one of the well-known farm shops on the Island.

The butcher’s display was particularly impressive and, for omnivores like me, very attractive.

I selected some chicken pieces which, to my surprise, were placed by the butcher on a styrofoam tray and then vacuum-packed with cling-film before being handed over to me (I realise that this might not normally happen and it was only because of Covid precautions).

Anyway, I then moved to the display of salad ingredients. Among the items that I chose were some radishes.

The only ones being offered for sale were pre-packed in plastic and, when I got home, I noticed, to my great amazement that, according to the label, they were the produce of The Netherlands.

Is it me or have I missed something?

I rather thought the whole idea of farm shops was that they acted as an outlet for local farmers and growers, selling local produce, ethically and environmentally responsibly produced and packaged.

On the IW there would seem to be no need for any food item for local consumption to have travelled more than about ten miles from its place of origin to the retail outlet.

The stock response, when complaints are made about the excessive use of packaging, particularly plastic, in supermarkets and about food miles always seems to be ‘you should be doing your shopping in a local farm shop’.

Well, I did and ended up getting produce that wasn’t even produced in the UK, let alone on the IW and apparently unnecessarily wrapped in plastic, which probably isn’t even recyclable.

Am I really to understand that radishes can’t be produced on the IW or that chicken breasts can’t be wrapped in recyclable and, perhaps, even recycled paper?

I don’t recall seeing anything in the shop to tell me the national origin of any of the produce on display.

Clearly, from my recent experience, you can’t just assume that it’s local or even British.

I have to say that this experience of ‘trying to do the right thing’ has left me feeling disappointed and disillusioned and, to be honest, ever so slightly cheated.

Someone please convince me that next time I need to do some shopping I shouldn’t just pop along to my local supermarket or even go online for a home delivery.

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