On Friday, June 18, the weather was terrible, Newport was gridlocked I, and at one point 78 other prospective passengers, waited for our buses in South Street.

I waited for service 38, of which I am a regular user, for the 3.10 bus. In the end a 38 bus left at 3.55.

I am 80, it was soaking and all these passengers (probably more than 78 at certain points) huddled damply beneath the shop overhang and crowds of ordinary pedestrians hurried past.

At least half were maskless.

Users of' services 5, 7, 12, and 38 have been exiled there owing to 'social distancing' measures. This relives pressure on the bus station but I can assure readers no social distancing is possible there at the best of times, let alone last Friday.

I like Southern Vectis and am grateful for their maintenance of services throughout the pandemic but during our 50-minute wait on Friday nobody informed us of the situation and of course there are no seats for those who need them .

Can we be allowed back into the bus station?

It can't be less healthy than South Street or might this situation be very useful for the company who are saddled with an inadequately sized facility which, in normal times is hard to manage at peak times?

Failing this could I call on the council to rename South Street, Virus Valley?

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