Why do we have two ferry services who are not competitive?

Their prices are among the highest in the world.

Even the ferry from St Maxine to St Tropez is as little as £20 return. The distance is eight or ten nautical miles (a guess).

Admittedly the ferry boats are used like taxis so they are more frequent but run a sensible timetable.

Why can we not have a fixed link bridge?

Please do not say that IW residents do not want the riffraff to come here on holiday and that it would cheapen the IW experience.

While these naysayers have a voice, those who would welcome tourists are totally ignored.

Studies have shown a bridge is more than feasible and would be welcomed by the majority of inhabitants.

Finally, why buy into the ferries thereby allowing shareholders to gain greater profits?

A fixed bridge (same as the QE2 on the M25) would cost a fraction of buying into the ferry services and create a profit line for the Island.

Let the ferry services compete with a fixed bridge owned by the Island residents.

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