I have just received via that most expensive of services, Royal Mail, a leaflet from IW Council telling me that I should stop moving, and pointing out that if people stop moving, so does the Coronavirus.

I am assuming that every other household on the Island will receive the same.

This is the same Council which in the last few days has refused to contemplate mass postal voting, which would avoid the need for the entire electorate to visit a polling station, on the grounds that it

would be too difficult and/or too expensive.

This is also the same council which actively encouraged people to move as tourists to the Island, and which did nothing, even after stringent government guidance was belatedly issued, to discourage movement between the Island and the mainland.

For example, they could have requested through our police and crime commissioner that would-be visitors be intercepted before booking or at least boarding ferries and encouraged to obey the guidance.

This suggests to me even further evidence of the utter incompetence and hypocrisy embedded in the Isle of Wight Council, both nembers and officers, and confirms the PCC is a complete waste of taxpayers' money.

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