Many parents have sent their children from the wonderful freedom of the IW to be incarcerated in a three by four metre room in their university halls of residences on the mainland, whilst paying extortionate fees for the privilege .

They are not criminals, they have done nothing wrong. When they put up posters complaining they are threatened with legal action.

Elsewhere, we are being encouraged to spy on their neighbours and snitching on them to the police if we see more than six people in their garden, yet we can go to a restaurant, shop, travel on public transport and go to work where there are often considerably more than six people present.

Government deliberately instructed hospitals to discharge elderly patients, who haven’t first been cleared of having Covid-19, knowing care homes would become infected, causing thousands of premature deaths.

Here on the Island, our Conservative-led council have decided to scrutinise themselves. Why, other than keeping conduct under wraps.

We have a government that is shrouding their incompetence in legislation and blaming the public. One could be forgiven for thinking we are living in some kind of dystopian fascist state.