Perhaps the total absurdity of potentially Covid infectious Islanders being sent off the Island for testing and potentially Covid-infectious mainlanders travelling on our ferries to the island for testing, is part of the Conservatives' Test, Spread and Trace strategy?

Am I alone in becoming increasingly annoyed by the arrogant stupidity of our political leaders, both at a national and local level?

Be it promoting the idea of a mass sporting event on the Island whilst we are in the midst of a global pandemic; what on earth are you thinking Dave Stewart? or breaking clear lockdown rules, Bob ‘sausage’ Seely.

Throughout this pandemic, the staggering incompetence of our political leaders, in pretty much everything, has proved to be simply mind blowing.

All they seem capable of doing is mitigating their dismal failure by seeking to control the narrative in the media.

God only help us all if they start talking about putting their protective arm around our care homes again.

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