Mike Brooke from Ryde writes, when, oh when, are the our politicians, at all levels, going to realise that the mix of pubs, young people and drink are the ideal petri dish for breeding this horrible virus?

When are they going to do something about it?

Those adults under 30 seem to think that they're immune; they're not and the virus is still with us.

From all over the country, and the world, there are increasing numbers of reports of outbreaks linked to bars, clubs and pubs.

Locally, especially at weekends, I have observed that there is a total disregard of guidance on social distancing, shouting and singing in local pubs.

Landlords seem to make no effort at controlling things; is profit more important than community health? I have written to the mayor of Ryde and alerted the chair of the IW Clinical Commissioning Group about this.

There has been no discernible difference; no additional visible presence by the police or regulators and no change in behaviour.

The irresponsible drinkers and landlords are putting everyone at risk.

They also risk closure of their beloved venues when the government do finally catch on.

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