From Maxine Warr, Cowes:

St Mary’s Hospital has more than its fair share of criticism and I would like to offer a different view.

Unfortunately I had the need to call 111, who summoned an ambulance to my elderly mother, late on a Friday evening.

The paramedics were patient, calm and extremely professional. After examination she was taken to A&E and despite the waiting room being packed, the registration process was carried out without any further distress to my mother and she was ushered to a side room.

By the early hours of the morning she was admitted to Colwell Ward and spent a week in isolation due to a serious infection.

The care she experienced was exemplary, from the consultant to the tea lady the kindness and respect shown was both genuine and heart-warming. This made a very distressing and uncomfortable episode almost pleasurable.

The nursing staff and health workers were always happy to linger for a chat while carrying out their duties, which was invaluable as she was in a separate room so could have felt cut off. The NHS should be proud of its outstanding staff and St Mary’s deserves more local plaudits. A very big thank you to all the staff.