From Paul Dobson, Newport:

The letter from R. C. Thomas (CP, 17-08-18) is laughable and goes to show how little this person knows about Wightlink and business operations in general. Such “re-investment” is better known as “tax deductible” or “tax avoidance” (perfectly legal), for otherwise this “re-invested” money would be paid to HMRC in taxes.

By “re-investing”, this is largely avoided, and increases the value of the company.

The Wightlink £17 million-plus profits at the latest calculation are obscene and can only be attributed to ripping off customers, IW residents in-particular. I can provide evidence to show Wightlink vehicle travel charges have risen by over 30 per cent year on year for the past four years at least, and if this is not a rip off then what is?

Imagine such “invisible” increases being applied to other modes of transport, such as trains, planes and buses, not to mention fuel costs.