LETTERSFrom Bernard Coleman, Cowes:
Further to the comments on litter marring our delightful Isle (CP, 03/10-03-17), I notice in London, and at the Red Jet entrance on the Island, there is a divided litter bin, for recyclable and non-recycleable rubbish.

Now I challenge Amey/Island Roads, what happens to all the 'ordinary’ bins? One fears they are not put through the recycling system but head for landfill, irrespective of their contents?
Tut-tut if that is so, as the policy for the Island is to minimise the cost of landfill.
Finally, another form of 'litter’ with detrimental effects for cycle users, especially families who wisely get their 'fledgling’ riders to use the pavement until they are road-safe.
With regard to the unscrupulous mechanical 'hedge-flailers’ mentioned previously — should these contractors and farmers, et all, not be legally responsible to clear up their thorny debris and aftermath, as indeed contractors and farmers, have a responsibility to clear mud off the highway?
Incidently, my last employer, carrying out the aforementioned task, had a blower operating while flailing, thus driving debris into the cut hedge. It’s not a lot to ask surely?