PERSONALLY, I love wild garlic but once it gets a foot (or bulb) hold it can be the very devil to get rid of.
Liz Humphreys, of Cooper Road, Newport, e-mailed asking for tips on eradication. I am not sure if it is a localised problem to her and her neighbour’s garden or more widespread than that.
Wild garlic is everywhere, spreading both by bulb division and by seed.
Both chemical and manual means will probably have to be employed with the aim of killing wild garlic throughout autumn, winter and early spring before plants can generate the next generation of bulbs in March.
Hoeing throughout winter or early spring will prevent development of new underground bulbs.
As well as hoeing, chemical control is necessary.
The glyphosate 2,4-D applied while plants are growing can be a control and more effective if it is applied after a strimmer is used to wound the plants before application.