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Dorset County Council

Dorset County Council

Notice ID: MF0194547

Notice effective from
12th January 2017 to 11th February 2017

Dorset County Council
Temporary Traffic ManagementOrder (Temporary 30MphSpeed Limit), A350 And A35, Upton By-Pass
DORSET COUNTY COUNCIL and BOROUGH OF POOLEhavemadeanOrder underSection 14 [1]ofthe Road Traffic Regulations Act1984, as amended.The order is needed in order to comply withHealthand Safety Regulations,which require theprovisionofsafeworking areasand to minimisethe likelihoodofdangerto HighwayUsers. Theorder will come into operationonMonday16January 2017 and will remain in forcefor 18 months. However it is anticipated that theworks will be completed by Friday 05 May2017.
Theorder is to createasafer workingareafor Dorset CountyCouncilwhilst they carryout workstoprotect bridge piersonthe A35, Upton bypass.
The effect of theorder is as follows;
[1] To imposea temporary 30 mph speed limit upon the A350 and theA35 (UPTON BY-PASS):
a) in an eastbound direction from Bakers Arms roundabout to apoint approximately 100metres pastthe Uptonfootbridge;
b) in awesterly directionfromthe Holes Bay Northroundbout to apoint approximately 100metrespastthesliproadfromtheA350;
c) theA350 elevated roundabout;
d) all lead-insand slip-roads to /fromthe A35, Uptonbypassto/fromthe A350 elevated roundabout.
If youwouldlikefurther information aboutthe work being undertaken, pleasecall DorsetCountyCouncilon01305
225300.For furtherinformation concerning this order please call Dorset Highways
Traffic Team on 01305 221020.
MIKE HARRIES, Director forEnvironment andthe Economy,DorsetCountyCouncil, CountyHall, DORCHESTER, Dorset DT11XJ andJULIAN McLAUGHLIN,Headof Transportation Services,BoroughofPoole,CivicCentre, PooleBH15 2RU.
TemporaryClosure of Public Footpath No.17, West Parley
DORSET COUNTY COUNCIL hasmadeanOrder under Section14[1] of the Road Traffic Regulation Act1984, as amended. Allpedestrianswill be prohibited from proceedingalongPublic Footpath No.17, West Parley from grid reference SZ085982 to grid reference SZ086982. The order is needed in order to comply withHealthand Safety Regulations,which requirethe provision of safe working areasand to minimisethe likelihood of danger to HighwayUsers. It will comeintooperationonthe 16th January2017. Theorder will remain in forcefor 6monthsand canbe, extended,withthe approvalofthe Secretary of State forTransport, if necessary. However,these worksare anticipatedto be completeby30th January 2017.
This closureisneededtoenableJDTUtilities safe access to relaygas mainsand services. ALTERNATIVE ROUTE:
From thesouthernend oftheclosure,walksouthalongParleyClose
to thejunctionwithChristchurch Road.HeadeastalongChristchurch Roadfor202 metrestothestartofFootpath 13.Proceed north alongthis footpathtothe northernend of theclosure.The reverserouteapplies.
If youwouldlikefurther information aboutthe workspleasecontact JDTUtilities on 01258 440451, or theCountryside Ranger Serviceon 01425 483809. Dated:12January2017.
MIKE HARRIES Director of Environment &Economy, CountyHall, Dorchester, DorsetDT1 1XJ.


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